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Bingin Beach is located on the western side of the Bukit peninsula between Dreamland and Impossibles. Its is ideal for advanced surfers and has a beautiful wave, a left hander, that works really well during the dry season (June-September) when off shore winds are the norm.

Bingin is a reef break with only one take off point leading to a short fast ride. High tide seems to be the best time to surf and I have also seen surfers at mid-low tide, the edge of the reef becoming more obvious. Staying at Bingin to surf, means a steep hike down the stone steps to get back to the road, but does put you in easy reach of Dreamland, Impossibles, Padang Padang and Uluwatu. Surf not working on the western Bukit, ride over to Nusa Dua, just 20 minutes away.

Bingin Beach is safe to swim on and that swimmers should stick to the left side of the beach at high-tide and anywhere on the beach at low tide. Getting to Bingin from Kuta means taking the Bypass in the direction of Nusa Dua. Look for the Uluwatu turn-off to the right after a couple of miles. Take that turn and head through Jimbaran up the hill towards Uluwatu at the far west of the Bukit.

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